Taking a pay cut – Why it’s sometimes worth it

Taking a Pay Cut – Why It’s Sometimes Worth It By: Marissa Katsounakis, Senior Healthcare Recruiter & Client Relationship Manager at K.A. Recruiting Searching for a new job opportunity can be a daunting task, with lots of factors to consider. Going through the interview process and getting to an offer stage, only to be presented […]

Navigating Today’s Job Market

Navigating Today’s Job Market by Chelsey Opalenik, Senior Healthcare Recruiter at K.A. Recruiting Emails flooding your inbox, LinkedIn notifications increasing by the day, and an unsureness of where to even start looking for a job or how to keep up with it all. Sound familiar? Today’s job market, especially in health care, is unlike anything […]

The Importance of Referrals

The Importance of Referrals by Elizabeth Coughlin at K.A. Recruiting One of the biggest components of recruiting is generating an applicant pool that is consistent and large enough to produce results. One of the best ways to consistently build candidate activity is through referrals. Here are some helpful tips when asking for referrals. When to […]

Stop the Ghosting

Stop the Ghosting by Olivia Sloane, Senior Healthcare Recruiter at K.A. Recruiting As recruiters we all have those candidates who just never get back to us. We call, text, email, and the silence will grow louder and louder each message sent. Ghosting is part of the job we all live through those moments but there […]

How to Distinguish Between a Good and Bad Recruiter

How to Distinguish Between a Good and Bad Recruiter by Xavier Patterson, Senior Healthcare Recruiter For those actively looking for a job, or passively open to testing the waters, the benefits of working with a recruiter far exceed trying to find something on your own. But sometimes recruiters get a bad rap – in part […]

Blood Bank Technologist job filled in Seattle

Congratulations, Andrea Costello! She placed a Blood Bank Medical Technologist in Seattle, WA! Great work! At K.A. Recruiting we help our clients fill their clinical healthcare jobs, such as imaging, laboratory, respiratory, NP/PA’s, nurses, Physicians, social workers, etc. We help out candidates to find their perfect job by listening carefully to their background, needs/desires, and […]