K.A. Recruiting, especially my recruiter, connected me with my current midwifery position. It was during the pandemic which proved to be even more challenging. My recruiter provided consistent feedback and communication, and she checked in a lot to stay on track for beginning at my new practice. I highly recommend K.A.; my recruiter was my guide.


My recruiter from K.A. Recruiting was so easy to talk to and really understood where I wanted to take my career. She was easy to reach and quick to respond regarding questions or concerns throughout the interview process. I have never worked with a staffing company that actually cares about my needs like she does. I […]


K.A. Recruiting played a pivotal role to help me advance my career. I would especially like to thank my recruiter for her guidance and support in the process of securing my desired job. If you are looking for your next opportunity, be sure to keep K.A. Recruiting in mind.

Jeanette O.

I have worked for other healthcare organizations in the past, but nothing compares to my experience at my current job. I have been with this company for approximately four months, and I have gotten the opportunity to manage a team that is goal-oriented, hardworking, accountable, has a wide range of skillsets and most importantly, a […]

Lynnette E.

I have to honestly say when my recruiter from K.A. Recruiting reached out to me to share the news about a histotechnologist opening, I could actually feel her excitement for this wonderful opportunity for me! She had me excited and hopeful. She coached me every step of the way. Even after I started my new […]

Jennifer Q.

I wasn’t even really looking for a new position! I was in the process of updating my resume because there had been some changes at the place I was working with staff incentives and investment plans for colleagues, and it was possibly time to update and refresh my portfolio. It was at that exact time […]