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Tips and Tricks: Starting Your Search for a Healthcare Position

Tips and Tricks: Starting Your Search for a Healthcare Position

By: Andrea Costello

Here at KA Recruiting, we typically see an influx in applications for our positions from April through June as new graduates complete their MS and BS programs across the country and kids’ school years draw to a close. Whether you are a new graduate looking for your first healthcare position or someone who has 5, 10, 20+ years of experience these are some of our best tips and tricks for your job search!

  1. Get Ready – Have an updated resume, reference list and copies of your licenses and or certifications prepared
    • Resume:
      • If you are a new graduate make sure list out your clinical experience (include the total length of your clinical rotations, clinical sites and instrumentation you used) and make sure to include anticipated graduation and exam dates (ASCP, AMT etc..)
      • If you have experience, make sure to add your current or most recent employment history
    • Reference List:
      • Most facilities require a minimum of 3 professional references (with at least one supervisor or manager) but like anything, the more the merrier!
      • Make sure to double check all contact information. It is suggested to provide both emails and phone numbers.
  1. What is Most Important? – Prioritize the things that you are looking for in your job search
    • For most people, there are some non-negotiables to their job search (location, shift, title, setting, department, pay rate etc..) and then there are other things that are preferences. Make sure to come recognize what are your non-negotiables versus your preference before you start your job search so that we can present the best options for you!
  2. Let’s get in Started! Reach out to a Recruiter
    • Starting a job search is overwhelming and personal! By reaching out to a recruiter we can:
      • Provide feedback and edits on your resume
      • Go through your non-negotiables and preferences and either provide you viable job options or recommendations
      • Access to exclusive job options that you won’t find on Indeed, Monster on other Job Sites
      • Because of our longstanding partnerships with each of our healthcare providers – we can give you information you can’t find anywhere else! We can tell you about the management style, the work environment and answer any questions you might not feel comfortable asking the employer directly
      • A Direct Application to the Hiring Manager – if you are interested in the job, we can send your resume directly to the person who is hiring for the position and typically will get feedback within 24 to 48 hours. Which avoids the common issue of not hearing back from days, weeks or months (or ever!) on any application.
      • Overview of the interview and hiring process – not only can we give you an idea of when to expect to hear feedback on your application, we will be able to walk you through the interview process from initial interview to second and third interviews. We also will help prepare for you for each interview through the offer and onboarding states. If you are not selected for whatever reason, we will provide feedback as to why.

Want to get started? Contact Andrea at with your updated resume and non-negotiables and let me know the best date and time for me to reach out to you!


            • Andrea Costello
            • Client Relationship Manager, Senior Healthcare Recruiter & Team Lead
              • I have been working in healthcare recruiting for 8 years. I specialize in the clinical laboratory space from entry level through director level. I work directly with over 1000 healthcare providers across the United States that include top ranked hospitals, private and reference labs. I look forward to helping you with your job search!


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