Why K.A. Recruiting?

People choose us because of what sets us apart.

It’s About More Than Recruiting

Top-notch healthcare candidates are a given. We also make the hiring process more efficient by taking care of all the details, including scheduling and coordinating interviews and assisting with candidate references.

Medical team sitting in row
partial view of group of medical workers with equipment in laboratory

Quality, Not Just Quantity

Our in-depth conversation serves to identify your current needs and expectations. After assessing your requirements, we identify candidates who fit your description by direct recruiting and leveraging our extensive network. We also perform a comprehensive interview with our pool of finalists and provide you with a select number of exceptional candidates who match your qualifications. We have the resources, contacts, and established network to expand your local search to a national level.

Confidential, Reliable, Dependable Service

We cater our search to our clients’ needs. That’s why almost all of our clients come back again to use our services year after year.

Professional Male doctor in white coat shaking hand with female patient after successful recommend treatment methods, Medicine and health care concept
Portrait of latin american female doctor in surgical face mask meeting patient in medical office, filling out medical form at clipboard

Lower Turnover Rates

By hiring the “right person” the first time, our clients report less turnover. They save the thousands of dollars it would cost to replace a wrong hire, not to mention the negative impact high turnover can have on morale.

Increase Overall Profit

Adequate staffing levels ensure patients receive the care they deserve and increased patient volume can be seamlessly managed.

Female Doctor Sitting With Patient On Hospital Bed
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Improved Focus

With K.A. Recruiting’s extensive network of contacts, you can be assured that we will deliver top talent to you fast. This allows your HR and hiring team to focus on other essential job responsibilities while we handle what we do best.