K.A. Is A Recruiting Agency For Hospitals

Our team can help you find the right healthcare talent.

Your Needs Come First

We closely work with you to get a detailed understanding of your healthcare recruiting needs. By leveraging our talent database, niche job posting sites, social media, and professional organizations and associations, we are able to identify and attract in-demand specialized talent. Our dedicated team of well-trained and experienced recruiters are experts at recruiting in various sub-specialties of healthcare.

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Our Proven Success

We have filled over 1,500 clinical healthcare positions for hospitals and healthcare facilities across the country. With our extensive network of candidates and hundreds of clients across the country, K.A. Recruiting has built a strong track record of success in the industry. We have been in business since 2008 and have consistently outperformed ourselves year over year.

Customer Experience

In a field crowded with healthcare staffing companies, our service sets us apart. We consider it our responsibility to provide an excellent client experience. That includes remaining accessible during all hours of the day and by all methods of communication – phone, email, and text. Our recruiters perform consistent check-ins throughout the hiring process and provide regular feedback and status reports.

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Specialty Niche

We exclusively specialize in the clinical healthcare space. As a medical staffing company, we belong to industry organizations and professional associations to continually build our network of clinical healthcare professional referrals. With our extensive access to talent and our many methods of communication (phone, email, and texting), we are able to reach a variety of candidates to interview, screen, and then present to our clients.

Our Healthcare Specialties

K.A. Recruiting is a healthcare recruiting company that helps facilities find and attract qualified candidates for their tough-to-fill openings.


Medical Technologists
Medical Laboratory Technicians
Medical Laboratory Scientists
Clinical Laboratory Scientists
Clinical Laboratory Technologists
Pathologist Assistants
Laboratory Leadership


Nurses (RNs and BSNs)
LPNs and CNAs
Nurse Practitioners
Clinical Nurse Specialists
Nurse Leaders


Nurse Practitioners
Physician Assistants
Midwife (CNM)

Imaging Professionals

Ultrasound Technologists
Echocardiography Technologists
Mammography Technologists
Radiologic Technologists
X-Ray Technologists
CT and MRI Technologists
Cath Lab Technologists
Imaging Leadership


Physical Therapists
Occupational Therapists
Speech Language Pathologists
Polysomnographic Technologists

Allied Health Professionals

Respiratory Therapists
Surgical Technologists
Nuclear Medical Technologists
Radiation Therapists
Social Workers
Medical Coders

Why Facilities Trust K.A. Recruiting

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