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The Importance of Trust Between Candidate and Recruiter

As a senior recruiter at K.A. Recruiting, one of my most important responsibilities is building a trustworthy relationship with my candidates.  Since the best way to build this trust is through effective communication, at K.A. we place a lot of value on the necessity of a phone call.  Although messaging via LinkedIn & job boards, emailing, and texting are great ways to connect with prospective candidates, we need real-time conversations.  This is because we need to listen.

Every day I listen to my candidates discuss their experiences and what they are seeking in their next role.  Moreover, I listen to their tone and their reactions.  Listening helps me understand my candidates, their needs, and their motivations.  It helps me do my job the best way I can.

With listening, comes understanding.  At K.A. Recruiting, we find it essential to understand our candidates because our goal is to find them their dream job, their next big move, where they will be going each and every day.  All of us at K.A. have that passion to find that perfect client-candidate match.

We take our jobs very seriously.  As a result, we need you, our candidates, to take us seriously as well.  In order for us to best help you in your job search, we ask that you are open, honest, and communicate well with us.  Tell us everything that is going on in your job search, the good and the bad.  Even if we do not have the right career move for you right now – something may come up in the future.  We want to listen, and we want to get to know you.

We are here to help!

By Katherine Marano
Client Relationship Manager & Senior Healthcare Recruiter

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