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The Benefits of Working with a Healthcare Recruiter by Jermel Wright

The Benefits of Working with a Healthcare Recruiter

The landscape of the healthcare industry and healthcare recruiting has changed significantly since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020. During the early stages of the pandemic many hospitals around the country found themselves on the verge of closing down due to shortages across the healthcare sector which included a lack of physicians, advanced providers, registered nurses, allied health professionals and more!

Since then, things have only gotten crazier and although the pandemic may not be at the forefront of people’s minds as much as it was 2 years ago there are still healthcare organizations that have maintained an increase in demand for providers and allied health professionals.

For jobseekers it can be difficult to navigate the various opportunities available and if you are a healthcare professional then I’m sure you’ve been bombarded with numerous offers for positions all over the country. Being a jobseeker in the healthcare industry can be overwhelming and that’s where working with a recruiter that specializes in the space can make that process much smoother for you!

Here are three reasons why healthcare and medical professionals should consider working with a healthcare recruiter in 2022:

1.Access to opportunities that may not be listed publicly.

Many organizations work with recruiting firms to fill their highest priority positions. Sometimes these positions can be found on their website but oftentimes companies will provide openings that are not yet listed online to these firms so that they can identify specific candidates that fit the experience they are looking for.

Not only will a Healthcare Recruiter be able to expand the number of opportunities included in your search, but they will also be able to tell you exactly what companies are looking for based on real and recent conversations with the hiring manager(s). Job descriptions typically include the bare minimum requirements whereas working with a recruiter could give you an advantage when it comes to preparing for your interview.

2. A GOOD recruiter is with you through the entire process

There is a big difference between working with a recruiter and working with a GOOD recruiter. Unfortunately, the stigma behind working with recruiters has become so loud and pervasive in society that many people overlook the benefits that this assistance might provide as it relates to their job search and they opt to do it on their own. With the demand for healthcare professionals at an all-time high and shortages still prevalent throughout the country, that is a definite signal that we are in a buyers market.

This means that jobseekers have a wider variety of options when it comes to finding a position, but that also makes it that much more difficult to find the right position that you actually want. A good recruiter will do an assessment of your background and experience in the first conversation while also listening to your wants and needs and ensuring that any opportunities presented align with the things that are important to you in your search. More importantly, their end goal is to help provide you with viable job options so that you can make an informed decision. Yes, the goal of a recruiter is to make placements but recruiters don’t usually benefit if the candidate doesn’t last in the position as it can add tension to client relationships. The most important aspect of being a recruiter is effectively communicating with the candidates and the clients even when it may not be good news. Honesty and effective communication are the two most important traits to look for in a recruiter.

3. IT’S FREE (to jobseekers)

Recruiters do not charge candidates for their services. If you have ever received a request from a recruiter asking for money in exchange for their help, RUN! Recruiters are paid by the organizations that they are recruiting for and their compensation does not come out of your salary as many people seem to think. The best way to get the most out of your relationship with your recruiter is to be honest and transparent while letting them know that you expect the same from them.

Switching jobs can be a stressful process that is also very nerve wracking, it becomes easy to talk yourself out of taking a new position as a candidate. The one thing to remember is that there is a reason you were looking in the first place. It’s very possible that the perfect position for you is a phone call away!

by Jermel Wright Senior Healthcare Recruiter at K.A. Recruiting

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