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The Importance of Referrals

The Importance of Referrals

by Elizabeth Coughlin at K.A. Recruiting

One of the biggest components of recruiting is generating an applicant pool that is consistent and large enough to produce results. One of the best ways to consistently build candidate activity is through referrals. Here are some helpful tips when asking for referrals.

  1. When to ask for referrals. Asking for referrals is all about timing. There are several different moments when you might want to ask a candidate for a referral, but it is important to always wait until you have established trust. Asking for a referral is much easier when you have an emotional connection with your candidate. You may also want to ask about referrals when a candidate backs out of the process. Great candidates tend to work with other great candidates so it can be great to ask “do you know anyone else who might be a good fit for this position?”
  2. Building Trust. It is important to build trust in order to receive referrals. Trust is automatically established when you reach out to a referral because they know you have a mutual connection with them. Continuing to build that relationship will only lead to more referrals and more placements down the line.  There are many different ways to build trust, but one way is through the use of emotional words. Using emotional words to show candidates you truly care is extremely effective in building a strong connection.
  3. How to ask. Sometimes candidates will be nervous about confidentiality when giving referrals so it is a great idea to change up how you’re asking for them. Instead of asking “Do you have anyone you could refer for this position?” Try phrasing it something like “who did you work with over at ____?” or “Who has left the company with a similar background?.” Sometimes these small tweaks can lead candidates to feel more comfortable giving referrals.

Getting referrals is always 100% worth it so the most important thing to remember is always ask. In order to increase the number of referrals you receive you should build trust, establish an emotional connect, and change up how you’re asking.

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