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Why You Should Give Your Resume to a Recruiter Instead of Posting it on Public Hiring Sites

Why You Should Give Your Resume to a Recruiter Instead of Posting it on Public Hiring Sites

by Megan Pivarnik, Senior Healthcare Recruiter

When it’s time to start job searching, the first thing most people do is post their resumes to public hiring sites. Many people forget there are tons of risks when posting your resume on the internet. Here are some thoughts on why you should pass your resume along to a recruiter instead.

Confidentiality: It’s a tactical matter while currently employed since you don’t want to risk having your employer find out. Working with a recruiter allows you to explore many job opportunities without your current employer knowing. Recruiters have access to special databases and work on jobs that sometimes aren’t even posted online yet. It will not only make your job search less stressful but will also allow you to explore many unknown opportunities.

Avoid Scam Job Postings: This year alone, the number of scam/fake job postings on public hiring sites has increased tremendously. Working hands-on with a recruiter will avoid all scams and protect your personal information. Most resumes include home addresses, phone numbers, current employers, and more. Recruiters work directly with facilities and hiring managers to make sure your resume is in protected hands.

Beat Out Your Competition: When applying for jobs on public hiring sites, you may notice the number of other people who have already applied for that same job. Sometimes, the number of candidates who have already applied is greater than a few hundred. It can be very discouraging, and most people end up finding themselves applying to hundreds of jobs a week. Working with a recruiter will not only make your job search more efficient but will also fast-track your application with certain hiring managers. Remember, most of us have direct contact with them.

The bottom line is, think twice before posting your resume on a public hiring site. Instead, consider passing it along to a recruiter! Not only will it help keep your job search on the down low or help avoid leaking personal information, but it will also help beat out the competition and find the perfect job for you!




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