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Why You Should Make Sure Your Resume Posted Online Is Up To Date

Why You Should Make Sure Your Resume Posted Online Is Up To Date

by Madison Aubrey at KA Recruiting

Why is it important to make sure the resume you are posting online is up to date? Recruiters are very busy, and oftentimes don’t have the time to contact candidates who may or may not be qualified. By making sure that your resume posted online accurately reflects your experience and the type of role you are looking for, benefits not only the recruiter but also yourself. This will help ensure that you will be contacted about the best roles for your qualifications.

Here are some examples of how you can potentially miss out on a great opportunity if you don’t keep your resume up to date:

Location: Does your resume still reflect the town you lived in 2 years ago? If so, you can miss out! Recruiters at K.A. Recruiting work with facilities all over the country. Typically we won’t contact candidates if our job openings aren’t within a reasonable driving distance from them. Ensuring your resume reflects your current location, as well as if you’re open to relocation, will help recruiters filter their search and only contact you if the open positions are geographically-relevant. Being open to relocation might give you an edge relative to your peers. This is becoming more common within healthcare as companies are offering sign-on bonuses, relocation assistance, temporary housing, etc. If you’ve struggled with finding the right opportunity and haven’t considered relocating, this could drastically help with your search.

Qualifications: This goes without saying, but if you’re searching for a new job, it’s vital to have your experience listed, including your most recent positions, licenses and certifications displayed on your resume. Many of the facilities we work with have specific licensing requirements, and if we know you have the specific requirements ahead of time, it saves time and allows us to find you a job sooner! This could also be beneficial even if you’re not actively “looking” for a new role, as facilities are constantly looking for talent and are competitively compensating for it. Keeping your qualifications up to date could land you a higher paying position without even having to look!

Format: Oftentimes, job-search platforms and websites may update their sites, which could cause formatting errors to your resume. Quickly checking your resume every now and then for formatting errors, will ensure that recruiters can easily scan your resume and determine if you’re a fit for an opening. As recruiters, our job is to make the job-search process as seamless as possible. Making sure your resume is formatted correctly can save both the recruiter and yourselves time!

These are just a few of the reasons why it is vital to keep your resume updated online, whether or not you are actively searching for a new job. At K.A. Recruiting, our goal is to help you find a job that fits exactly what you are looking for and help you every step of the way!

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