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Why Saying “Thank You” Is So Important

Why Saying “Thank You” Is So Important

by Katelyn Cody

Just like most people apply to multiple positions, most hiring managers will select and interview multiple people for their openings. So how do you set yourself apart from other applicants when interviewing for a job?

By getting selected for an interview your resume and/or cover letter has already caught the attention of the hiring manager. You have the right certifications, licensure, education, and work experience. So how do you go beyond the resume? During your interview you’ll be asked to expand from your resume. Tell the hiring managers who you are. But once that is done, what is next? A great touch that seems so simple but is often overlooked is the incorporation of a “thank you” note. Throughout my time working as a recruiter, I have been very surprised to come across so many candidates that do not normally write a “thank you” note post interview. During all of my interview preparation calls with candidates I always remind them to ask for contact information or a business card from the individuals they spoke with. With the accessibility of email, sending a few sentences to thank hiring teams for their time does not take long. The simple act is so important and certainly leaves a positive impression with the facility.


Below I am going to include an example of a basic email you can send to a hiring manager to set yourself apart from other candidates.


Dear ________,


Thank you for taking time out of your day to speak with me about (job title). I enjoyed our conversation about (pick something you spoke about) in particular. I appreciated having time at the end to ask questions so that I can better understand the position and what this job would entail. Today’s interview has made me more excited about (name of the facility) and this opportunity.


Please reach out to me if you have any additional questions or need anything from me moving forward.


I am looking forward to hearing from you regarding next steps.


Thank you.


(Your name here)


You can adapt the above email to reference the facility itself if it was an onsite. When choosing the detail to emphasize, make sure to pick something that you cannot necessarily find on the facility’s website. This shows engagement during the interview and will impress the hiring team.


But what happens if you don’t get the email address of everyone you spoke with? Not a problem! Either you or your recruiter will have at least one email address. Usually this is someone from HR, but not always. When you write your email to them you can do one of two things:

  1. Ask the HR contact for the email addresses of the other individuals you spoke with (pro tip: make sure you write down everybody’s name in your notes from your interview)
  2. Include a sentence in your email that reads something like this: “It was wonderful speaking with (name), (name), and (name) as well. Please let them know that I appreciate their time and look forward to connecting with them again.”


It is so simple, but truly means so much. People love to feel appreciated and it makes them feel good when others recognize how valuable their time is. Especially if the individuals are in leadership roles within the department you are interviewing with. Remember, these are likely the individuals you will be working with should you be offered and accept the position.

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