I have worked with KA Recruiting for many years.  KA is efficient, easy to work with and has been successful in finding qualified applicants meeting the needs of our laboratories.  I appreciate all of the assistance they provided and would definitely recommend KC and his team.


I have worked with my share of recruiters over the years and without a doubt, my recruiter and K.A. Recruiting have been the most professional ones that I have had the pleasure to work with. As a career changer, it was no easy task, but my recruiter found a job for me that was a very good fit. I whole-heartedly recommend their services.


My recruiter, from K.A recruiting, has been very helpful in my career journey. She had helped through my interviews and made sure that I would pass and get that job. I have been working as a Medical Laboratory Technologist at a laboratory for over a year now. And I know that without her help, I’m not gonna be in my position right now. Very thanks to her.


In the middle of the pandemic, I had to move quickly to a different state and find a new job. I had the pleasure to speak with a KA recruiter, who immediately set up all the connections for me, she rapidly provided me with a list of jobs available in the area and helped me find what best fitted for me based on our conversations and my background. Because of her efficiency, I was able to find a job immediately and I am very satisfied with my job’s position, location, and coworkers. Thank you to my recruiter and KA recruiting.


I spent months looking for a new job on my own with no luck. Then I responded to an email from a recruiter at KA Recruiting and I had a completely different experience. She was helpful, responded very quickly, and found several job options for me. I wound up applying for a job that was much better suited for me. My recruiter made the entire process easy and stress-free. She even negotiated a higher salary on my behalf. I’m now a few months into my new job and I’m very happy! I would recommend KA Recruiting to anyone looking to find a better job.


Working with my recruiter from K.A. Recruiting was an amazing experience. She handled the applications, communicating with the prospective employer, and kept me up to date with the process. My recruiter truly looked out for my best interests and took time to get to know me. She knew what jobs I would consider. This kept me from being overloaded with job postings. My recruiter and K.A. Recruiting secured me several interviews which resulted in a job offer. If I am going to look for a new job in the future or to fill an empty position, my recruiter from K.A. Recruiting will be the first person I reach out to.


From Day 1 after getting in touch with me, my recruiter from K.A. Recruiting has been absolutely phenomenal. She was with me every step of the way providing advice and feedback in order to prepare me for future interviews. Within a few days after getting in touch with me I started receiving interview invites and soon after I had more interviews scheduled than I could keep up with. My recruiter followed up with me after each one. In the end I had received 2 outstanding offers, with great perks and benefits. Thank you to my recruiter! Thank you K.A. Recruiting!


My recruiter took my resume and found an employer in my area who checked all my boxes! My recruiter was my experienced and knowledgeable go between the employer and myself to get my perfect job! My recruiter at K.A. Recruiting got me the healthcare job that I was searching for in just 2 weeks! If you want to save time at no expense, contact K.A. Recruiting.


My goal of getting my SBB certification was to be able to work in an immunohematology reference lab. I had made several attempts for a technologist position at a reference lab over the years and was not successful. Soon after I graduated from the SBB program at Rush University, Illinois, my recruiter from K.A. Recruiting contacted me and presented me with several job opportunities and suggestions. I had a great opportunity to connect with an immunohematology reference laboratory director and to be considered for the immunohematology reference specialist position. My recruiter was very supportive, knowledgeable and patient. Not only did she help me fulfill my dream, but she also made sure that I was well compensated.

Naw M.

It was my first time working with a recruiter, and my recruiter from K.A. Recruiting was amazing. From our very first conversation, she helped me find the right job according to my preferences and qualifications. Communication was excellent, she constantly updated me of the progress and helped me navigate the difficult parts of the application process. She helped me find the job at a company I am still working at and currently enjoying. I highly recommend reaching out to her.