I have to honestly say when my recruiter from K.A. Recruiting reached out to me to share the news about a histotechnologist opening, I could actually feel her excitement for this wonderful opportunity for me! She had me excited and hopeful. She coached me every step of the way. Even after I started my new position, my recruiter called to ask how I like it and asked me what I liked about it. It is a good fit, and I feel good about my decision. They care for everyone including their employees, and they have an excellent benefit package along with competitive wages. All of these are important to me and my family. I am very grateful for everything.

Lynnette E.

I wasn’t even really looking for a new position! I was in the process of updating my resume because there had been some changes at the place I was working with staff incentives and investment plans for colleagues, and it was possibly time to update and refresh my portfolio. It was at that exact time that I got a happy little email from a recruiter at K.A. Recruiting about some potential positions. One absolutely struck a chord with my heart. It was for a position that I had been working in that particular field for over 10 years in. It was an opportunity to learn higher complexity, research type testing in a patient setting and also a relocation to a whole brand-new locale! I reached out to her and the whole process started to unfold. She was there the whole way for me in the negotiation process. She even was able to set up a visitation to the area and the job to shadow the environment I would be relocating to. My recruiter and the whole HR team that worked on my onboarding were phenomenal. I couldn’t thank her more for the chance to start a brand-new adventure in my life!

Jennifer Q.