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Our Story

K.A. Recruiting began as a conversation over a cup of coffee in 2008 between Alisha Dynan and K.C. Carpenter. After years of working together, they had developed a similar vision and approach to recruiting.

Both had fathers who were entrepreneurs, and they wanted to create a company and culture that stood by its values and could better serve healthcare clients and candidates. Alisha and K.C. recognized a need for medical and healthcare recruiting services in the clinical healthcare space. Nurse and medical technologist shortages across the country needed more than another medical temp agency.

The shortage of healthcare professionals required a company with the expertise and industry knowledge to recruit in-demand professionals for full-time direct hire vacancies – medical laboratory scientists, respiratory therapists, surgical technologists, registered nurses, advanced practice providers, and more. With more baby boomers retiring every year, the need for healthcare professionals was only growing.

In September of 2008, K.A. Recruiting was born. The company began in a small office space with just the two of them – and no clients. The partners started by marketing their services to healthcare facilities needing laboratory professionals.

K.A. has since grown to become a national leader in healthcare recruiting. Today, K.A. Recruiting has hundreds of loyal clients and an extensive network of qualified talent. While the company has grown over the years and expanded its services, one thing has remained constant – a commitment to building a company that serves as an example of loyalty, integrity, and dependability within the healthcare industry.

Over the years, K.A. has been able to expand its permanent recruiting services nationwide beyond just laboratory professionals to assist clients with all their clinical healthcare recruiting needs. From their beginning as a team of two, they have expanded to become a group of highly specialized healthcare recruiters dedicated to helping hundreds of clients across the country fill their clinical healthcare professional needs.  


Our mission at K.A. Recruiting is to match our clients with well-screened and highly-qualified candidates while investing the time to listen, advise, and develop long-term partnerships.


As committed as we are to making a placement, we are more committed to serving as an example of loyalty, integrity, and dependability within the healthcare industry.



Effective listening builds trust, strengthens relationships, and allows our clients’ and candidates’ voices to be heard.


Our candidates and clients trust us to have their best interests in mind as we navigate a job search together.

Hard Work

We are dedicated to our candidates and clients and enjoy working hard to help them meet their career aspirations and hiring goals.


We quickly and effectively deal with unexpected issues or industry changes.


Our recruiters are focused on finding the perfect candidates for your organization based on your current needs.


Our recruiters connect with candidates and clients on a deeper level, resulting in better relationships and increased placements.


The individuality of a workforce emerges when you embrace and encourage diversity and inclusion at all levels of the company.

By prioritizing our values, we develop LONG-TERM PARTNERSHIPS with our candidates, clients, and employees!

Meet The K.A. Recruiting Management Team

K.C. Carpenter


Alisha Dynan


Andrea Costello

Associate Vice President, Client Relationship Manager and Team Lead

Why People Choose K.A. Recruiting

Health Notes

K.C. Carpenter


Location: Boston, MA

K.C. co-founded K.A. Recruiting with his business partner Alisha Dynan, in 2008. Since starting the company, he’s guided K.A. to become a national leader in healthcare recruiting. He has successfully built up a national client base as well as a vast network of healthcare professionals. Additionally, he’s helped to create a team of well-trained, highly-skilled recruiters who are assisting healthcare providers to meet their hiring goals. K.A. has consistently grown each year under K.C.’s leadership and has become a trusted resource for both employers and individuals looking to advance their careers. K.C. is most proud of the fact that K.A. has developed long-standing relationships with its clients who continuously count on K.A. to assist them when needed.?K.C. graduated from Skidmore College with a BA degree in Management and Business, and spent a brief time in financial services working at Fidelity Investments before transitioning into recruiting in 1999.

K.C. lives on the South Shore in Hanover, Massachusetts with his family and two very needy dogs. When he is not working, K.C. can be found spending time with family, running, and wishing he had more time to ski.